Adventurers Without a Cool Acronym

Dragon Cultists

We tried to carefully check out the rest of the town, we encountered a few plant like enemies but they were taken care of. We did fine a few zombies in some of the abandoned buildings, they proved to be a little tougher to take care of. We came across the herb shop we were told about and found some the necklace that the woman told us would be there.

As we approached the area the druid pointed out as the cultist hideout, we took cover, one of them seemed to be on patrol, Alton snuck up and killed him and we dragged his body off the road as to not draw any suspicion. Dalamar, case a cone of silence over their hideout so as not to alert the dragon, and we stormed the building. The cultist fell quickly, and we devised a plan to put on their robes and masks to hide ourselves, and since Alton and Linu couldn’t fit in the robe’s we planned to pretend they were our prisoners. We will tie them loosely to pretend they are offerings to the dragon and then we can try to overtake him.

We headed out in our costumes to make are way over to the old barracks, to make sure there is nothing hiding in there. The only thing we found there were more ash zombies, these things are really hard to take down but we eventually did and rested for a while before we go in to take care of the dragon.


HippyCraig HippyCraig

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