Adventurers Without a Cool Acronym

Rescued Gundren

We cleared out the rest of the castle moving slowly around to each room, we wound up in the kitchen and took everyone out but the cook. He told us where Gundren the dwarf was being held before he fell as well. We made our way up to the top north east corner of the building. He was being guarded by two bugbears and what appeared to be a dark elf. We were able to take care of everyone but the dark elf escaped.

We tended to Gundren wounds and we headed south, there was one room left we wanted to check out, it was what was left of a library guarded by and owl bear. That was one tough creature but we were able to take him out as well. Dalamar found some books and we also found a small chest with some gem stones and gold. We took headed back to take shelter back in the north east corner before heading home, on the way back Alton noticed another figure that looked just like him running away and into the forest, strange. The creature was took quick and was far gone by the time we were able to make heads or tails of what Alton saw. After a long rest we headed back to Phaladrin.


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