Adventurers Without a Cool Acronym


We made it back to Phandalin, gathered some supplies, Gundren had not made it back yet so then headed out for Thundertree. The journey there wasn’t too eventful, a few minor detours but we eventually make it. There is a sign along the road just before entering the town warning that this place is unsafe and overrun with monsters, but that didn’t stop us.

The first building we encountered looked inhabited, so we knocked and a druid had answered the door, he seemed mad that we didn’t heed the warning signs but invited us in. He told us of some cultist in the area and that this place is overrun with zombies and plant type monsters. We explained that we were here to help and would see what we could do to take out the zombie’s and cultists. After he allowed us to rest, we headed out to explorer the area.


HippyCraig HippyCraig

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