Adventurers Without a Cool Acronym

Wave Echo cave Part 1

On our way back to Phandalin, we were ambushed by some Orcs, we took them down easily, and finally arrived back at Stonehill Inn. Gundren met us there, he was very excited, he found the entrance to Wave Echo Cave, he was ready to take us there. We gathered our supplies and headed out, he only took us to the entrance of the cave and wished us luck. He was not going in with us, but wanted us to look out for his brothers, and headed back to the Inn. Upon entering a the cave we found a dead dwarf in the back of the natural room, it appears he’s been dead for some time, we make note to return him back to town for a proper burial but we need to move forward.

We made our way north following one wall through the cavern’s making turns right and left so that we can keep track of our progress. We came to a large double door, Sai made his way up and listened for voices. He couldn’t make out what the creatures on the other side were making but was able to hear multiple voices on the other side. We prepared ourselves and burst in, we were greeted by two large bugbears, a group of minions, on the thrown in the back of the room was a dark elf, with a large staff with a spider carving on top. He introduced himself as the Spider and said that he would have to take care of us personally… (to be continued).


HippyCraig HippyCraig

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