Adventurers Without a Cool Acronym

Wave Echo cave Part 2

We weren’t taking anything that the Spider was dishing out and we broke into battle. He had four bugbears and a four other large spiders with him. The Spider, cast a spell on Alton and he tried to attach Dalamar. That plan was foiled when Sai broke his concentration with a mystical weapon spell. Dalamar put two of the bugbears to sleep and the rest of us concentrated on taking them down. Sai used a thunder clap which help a little but did alert some more bugbears in the surrounding area that stared to come into the room.

Soon the Spider fell dead and we took care of the bugbear problem, Alton took down the shape-shifter we encountered back at Cragmaw keep. After the battle we found a key around the Spider’s neck that fit a door just off to the left. Inside we found the other Linu other cousin, alive but barely, we held up in the room for a short rest and Linu healed up us and her family member.

We moved on moving West but still following the left wall, we came to a large cavern with a small body of water in the level below and two blocked exits. We back tracked a little and wound up in a barracks with four more bugbears, which we dispatched.

Just past the barracks was a large cavern with dead dwarves all throughout, and a large device that looked like a blast furnace and bellows, and an odd looking green skull just floating there. The dead body’s of the dwarves started to get up and move. Dalamar cast a silence spell on the area around the green skull, it moved out of the way and cast a magic missile spell at which really damaged half of our team, but Linu quickly healed us and the battle moved on. We eventually took down the zombie dwarves and the skull itself, Dalamar picked it up to keep it, as it was no longer glowing and laying on the floor nonresponsive.


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