Adventurers Without a Cool Acronym

Wave Echo cave Part 3

We took out the last four zombies, and moved on. We entered a large cave area and Dalamar noticed a lot of magic in the area. We found a large pool of water rising and lowering quickly with the waves crashing in. The sound we heard throughout the whole cave seem to originate from this point, it’s probably were the area gets its name. There were two chambers off to the left, Garius went to investigate, the first room was empty but it lead into the second room. This room has a brazier in the center of it, and when approached a creature appears. It looked like a beholder but ghostly, it said it was here to guard the brazier, but it didn’t speak but we could all hear it in our minds. Instead of answering with the truth Sai decided to think back to the specter that we worked for Black Spider. The creature was upset about that since it has been charged with protecting the brazier and the Black Spider has been a thorn in its side, so it prepared to attach. The team was more than upset at this, because it seemed friendly but now we won’t know, so we prepared for battle.

We took out the beholder, which just vaporized, it was a just a ghostly form of one. This room was clearly were the magical items was created, we could see the scattered remains of broken weapons that are now useless throughout the room. We moved on to another room, it was a barracks of sort, with a locked chest at the foot of one of the broken beds. Alton tried to remove it from the room and a guardian appeared demanding its treasure back, we took out the created and Alton was able to pick the lock and open the chest. It was full of gems and coins, we made out pretty good with this haul. We moved further south and came to a room that appeared to be covered in moss, something didn’t feel right so we backtracked our way north and moved to the west a bit and then back down again, avoiding that moss room. We came across another larger cave, this one has two raised areas on either side and we are standing on one of them. The center of the room is about 10 feet down following some steps, in the center of the room there are broken skeletons and bones throughout. Alton gets an idea and runs down the steps across the room and up the other side. He thought he was safe until he was ambushed by ghouls, by the time we got there to help him, he was surrounded, attached, and he dropped to the ground. We are able to revive him and turned the rest of the ghouls, we decided to take them out one at a time.


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