Adventurers Without a Cool Acronym

We fight our first dragon

With our disguises on we headed to the tower where the dragon was residing. We entered in the small room to the right of the town to an empty room, we got our plan together and Garius headed in to speak to the dragon. He was greeted by a large but young green dragon that demand to know why he was being disturbed. Garius, acting as one of the cultists, told the dragon that they captured some intruders and asked what we should do with them, he said leave them in the back of the room, did they have any treasure on them? Garius said they had no treasure but he would have the prisoners brought in at once, he also tried to ask the dragon of some more of his kind in the south, the dragon dismissed any further inquiry. As the so call prisoners were brought in our group pulled out our weapons to and prepared to attach.

Sai dropped the first attack with a thunderclap and Dalamar shot a fireball off, the dragon took a hit, but returned with a couple of claws and a bite against the team. Back and forth the attacks came, the dragon appeared to be winning, but then Linu cast a spell and our team felt renewed and invigorated and the tables tuned on the dragon. It turned to flee but as it did Arma in a rage got in one last swing and the dragon was dead.

We were able to skin the dragon for its scales, Sai wanted it made into a gauntlet, and Garius wanted a full suit of armor made out of the scales. We went back to the druid and told him we took care of the cultists and the dragon, he was grateful. He told us of a larger group to the south of a dragon cults and a possible uprising of dragons, but he didn’t know more than that. After a nights rest we headed out, since Neverwinter wasn’t too far off, we stopped there with our newly acquired dragon scales and stopped at a local black smith. He said he could create what we asked for but it would take a couple of months to make it, we agreed to stop back to pick them up. We got some supplies and some of us picked up some new armor, and weapons, and then headed back to Phandalin.


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