Adventurers Without a Cool Acronym

Looking for Banshee's, Necromancer's, and Orc's, oh my!

Our group headed out west, to look for the banshee first. It’s going to be a three day journey out, we packed up some supplies and head out on our quest. On the second night watch Alton was attached by a few stirges we all woke to see a couple attached to his face, they were easily taken care of but Alton was startled.

As we approached our first destination we were ambushed by a couple of goblins, not too much of a challenge for us now. Traveling a little further we found a strange hut like structure, we sent Alton in to investigate. The banshee materialized in front of him demanding to know why we disturbed her. Alton stood in fear, Dalamar stepped in and explained that the was on a holy quest to find Bowgentle’s spell book and that we were sent by Sister Gareale and presented the jeweled comb as a token of our intentions. She said that she gave that book away hundreds of years ago to a necromancer named Tsernoth from the city of Iriaebor, and told us to be gone and bother her no more.

Moving south now from our current position we ran into some old ruins, there was some strange stench coming from a crumbled old tower and a tent in the middle of what used to be a court yard. We started to approach the tent when some zombies started to emerge from the crumbling tower. A wizard type character emerged and asked us what we were doing here, and we explained that we were asked to come investigate some strange goings on around these parts, we asked what he was doing here. He said that he is working on some experiments and didn’t wish to be disturbed, he waved an arm and the zombie retreated. Dalamar was now curious to what kinds of experiments, the wizard didn’t seem to budge on answering but said that maybe if the orc’s further south were taken care of he may be more open to discuss this with him.

Moving further south we saw a small band of hobgoblins rushing to attach us, we took them all down but one, he was charmed to be our friend. He told us that there is a bounty on our heads from the black spider, dead or alive. We asked him if he new anything about Cragmaw Castle and he knew were it was, he drew us a crude map and we sent him on his way.

We decided to take a detour bypassing the wizard and heading up to Cragmaw Castle to save our friend, we can always circle back and remove the orc’s and meeting with the wizard later, he would just think that we took some time complete our task.

We made it to Cragmaw Castle, Sai and Alton circled the structure in opposite directions. Eventually meeting up on the far side, Sia had found a cloaked entrance. We all entered and came upon what appeared to be a worship room of some sort. There was an altar in this room and behind it we found what appears to be a desecrated prayer chamber. There was an odd looking creature in here with tentacles that attached us as we entered but was taken out rather quickly. Dalamar took the time to repair and cleans the room of its evil vibes.

The Sleeping Giant Inn

We all made it back to town and the Inn, Dalamarl went to meditate and the rest of us went down to get something to eat. There we met two new friends, Arma Riversong and Dalamar Starfall, they wanted to join us in our quest and we welcomed them to the party. After a night of drinking and we all needed a good night’s rest.

The next morning we agreed to get rid of the rest of the Redbrand’s hang out at the Sleeping Giant Inn, hopefully that will be the last of them. We all waited outside while Alton when in to cause a distraction and draw them outside. When he went inside there was 5 of them in the corner gambling, Alton jumped on the table and kicked over money and dice, turned and ran out the door. Once outside we took them all down, it seems we have removed all but Glass-staff.

We decided to head off to find the banshee, it’s only a few days journey from here. We gathered up some supplies and headed west. Most of the trip was uneventful except for one night when Alton got attacked by some weird bat-like creatures but they were easily dispatched.

We finally reached the ruins were the banshee was last seen, we were arguing where to start looking when some hobgoblin surprised us, but we took them down.
Redbrands Hideout

Alton tried to drink Sai under the table and got himself a tramp stamp. Its a very pretty dolphin.

However, before that we interrogated our captured Red Brand, he told us there was an armory and some prisoners in the rooms to the north, we had him lead the way. He stopped us at a pit trap and we were (mostly) able to cross uninjured (sorry Dalamar). Found a room with some sarcophagus, got attacked by skeletons, Sai was able to turn 2 of them and kill the third. We tried in vain to open the door to the armory, Alton was unable to pick the lock and Sturma and Garius were both unable to break it down. On to the prison, we stored our red brand in a sarcophagus and charged on in, killing both guards. Alton was able to pick the lock on the cell containing the girls, but was unable to free the boy. Hal, our captured Red Brand and guide told us the bugbear has a key that will open the cells, so off we go to try to get it from him. He was unwilling to give up the key so we attacked. That turned out to be a bad idea. We managed to kill them all but Garius and Sturma were both knocked out of the fight, Alton suffered serious wounds but was able to kill the last beast. Droop the goblin that the bugbears were torturing promised to help us by showing us around the hideout. We took the key from the bugbear leader and opened the second prison cell. On the way out of the cavern, Sai announces that he wants to get the nothic’s claws to make a necklace so he descends into the chasm. Hidden under the bridge he finds the beast’s treasure trove, including a very high quality sword with a hilt carved like a bird of prey, which he believes was once the sword of Black Hawk, a warrior who went missing when his manor house was raided by orcs.

Redbrand's are causing trouble

We all left Inn early in the morning, as we were about to leave four men in red cloaks confronted us, demanding we pay them for safe passage. As none of us would stand for such a thing we prepared to fight, except that Alton was a little hesitant. Alton tried to convince us to just pay them but Garius attacked, he wasn’t standing for this and neither was the rest of the group. As three of them dropped, the last one ran off, but not before he shouted at Alton to watch his family. We gathered up the cloaks and the bodies and took them to the counsel.

Alton fessed up to being part of the Redbrand’s at one point in his life before they took over the town, they turned on him and he left the order. Now he was afraid for his family so we went back to his aunt’s house and told her about the situation and found her a safe haven to stay in until this is all taken care of, we convinced her to allow the nephew to show us the hidden entrance to the hideout. At least Alton’s family will be safe for the short term.

We setup some traps and made a random path for ourselves in case of escape. We follow down the opening in the hillside the path lead to an open cavern with a huge crevasse down the middle of it with two small bridges, we investigated and they appeared to be very flimsy so we didn’t dare try those, but there are some steps behind us so we decided to take them.

At the top there were to doors, we took the one to the right, busted the door in and startled four Redbrand’s gamboling. We took them out but Sai took a bad hit and was knocked unconscious. He was eventually stabilized after the battle and we all took a quick breather. There was another door on the other side of the room but before we looked into that we wanted to see what was behind the other door at the opposite the one we came in. Again we busted in and found three bugbears and a passed out goblin.

The bugbears yelled at us asked what are we doing in here, since we had the cloaks on they must have assumed we were Redbrand’s. Gariusplayed it off and said they were looking for Glass Staff, the bugbears grunted that he’s probably in his lab, just past the room behind us. Luckily they didn’t hear the battle a few minutes ago, probably too busy teasing and humiliating the goblin.

Went to the lab, Dalamar found equipment for making potions of invisibility, but no working potions, he thought it was a poor attempt at potion making. Further searching we found Glass Staff’s sleeping quarters but not the wizard, he must have left through the secret door behind his desk. We found a letter from Black Spider addressed to Iarno on the desk, it says that there might be some adventures traveling to Phandalin and that the Redbrand’s need to take care of them and bring the dwarf alive to him. We eventually made it back out to the cavern but on the other side of the crevasse. We decided to investigate the far side when out of the shadows a strange dark monster attacked us. With a little difficulty we took the creature down and he fell down the crevasse to his death.

We found what appears to be a broken down mess hall, and a door behind what would be a prep table, upon entering it appeared to be a storage closet and we were ambushed by three more Redbrand’s. We took out two of them and made the other surrender for questioning. We asked him how many of their kind was in this place, they told us of all the ones we encountered so far, and we took them out and there are a handful more not too far from hear but that would be it. We tied him up, muzzled him and took a short rest, each taking a watch.

Klarg and our Trip to Phandalin

We tried to interrogated Klarg, the most we got out of him was that he sent the dwarf to Cragmaw Castle, a goblin stronghold somewhere is in southern Neverwinter Wood. He didn’t know where it was exactly nor did he care, he was paid to do a job. We knocked him out and left him there.

We left for Phandalin, Sildar needed to meet up with his order and heal up and that he would meet with us later. We navigated the city looking for clues to Cragmaw Castle, we decided to split up and investigate and meet back at the Stone Hill inn. Dalamar went to the Shrine of Luck and meet with Sister Gareale, she was looking for Bowgentle’s spell book and presented him with a jeweled comb as proof of his quest to banshee to the west that may posses it.

Alton went to check on his family, he has an aunt and a young cousin in the area, they told him of how the Redbrands and been taking over the city and causing havic, and that she wish they would go away and leave there town alone.

Garius and Sturma went to Edermath Orchard, he was old timer that remember fighting in the order to keep the town safe, but was way to old now a days to do anything. He mentioned some Orc’s to the south west and that he has some of his old order near there, they may needs some help.

We met back at the inn where Sai stayed, he felt the need to drink himself into a stupor and pass out. We shared our information with each other and headed up to rest for the night.

Running into a large BugBear

Further investigation of the cave we came across and old bridge, there was a goblin not paying any attention leaning on the side. We snuck up on just close to take a shot and killed him with one hit. We crossed underneath the bridge to another open cavern. There were two large pools hear that seemed to feed the stream running down and out the cave entrance. This two was guarded, but we made quick work of them as well.

There were two exist from this room and we took the one to the west, this lead to the bridge we passed under earlier. On the other side was another cavern but this one had an awful stench. As we investigated further this appeared to be the goblin barracks. In the corned tied and up was a human sized creature which we couldn’t make out too well.

We cast a sleep spell on the larger group around the campfire and that took care of most but the others we picked off. The larger of the goblins, who appeared to be there leader grabbed the shadowy figure and carried him up to the second level of the cave and dangled him over the edge and demanded we stop or he will drop prisoner. We quickly formulated a plan, one of run up to grab while one of us took a shot, which hit the leader at the same time he let the prisoner fall. The cleric was able to save him, and the rest of us took out the leader.

Turns out that Sildar has been held captive here, just barely alive. He said that the goblins had ambushed them on their way to Phandalin, they took Gundren to the west and was still alive when they were separated. He asked us to take him back to Phandalin where he could check in with his order and possibly get us some assistance in finding Gundren. He did know that the lead goblin was not in charge around here, there is a bugbear somewhere in the caves that was running the show. Sildar was able to walk now but didn’t want to engage in combat, he stayed in the back as we looked for the bugbear. We traveled back over the bridge and back to the room with the large pools, we took the west exist this time, carefully sneaking around to get a look.

Around the corner is two goblin, a wolf, and a very large bugbear. A large deep voice came from the bugbear, “Klarg say attack!!” We were able to take out the two goblins and as we took down the wolf, the bugbear made a run for it trying to escape down the chimney on the other side of the room. We all made a dash for him, the halfling tried to dive after him to trip him but missed and landed face down in the dirt. We were all able to catch up to him as he slowly climbed down the chimney, the wizard cast a spell to get him to stop. The halfling slipped up and landed on Klarg, the rest of us climbed in after him. There was this huge pile of adventurers trying to catch this bugbear, in a somewhat narrow chimney. At the bottom we overtook the bugbear and tied him up to interrogate him.

Our First Adventure

While in the city of Neverwinter in a local tavern we ran into Gundren Rockseeker. He hired us to bring some supplies into the town of Phandalin. Gundren and his friend Sildar Hallwinter would ride ahead and meet us there. The two of them seemed to be in a hurry and left right away. The next morning we got our supplies to together and headed toward Phandalin.

On our travels our group came across two dead horses, they appeared to be Gundren and Sildars mounts. As we were investigating, we were attached by goblins. We took them all, we allowed one to live for interrogation. The goblin said that they have a small stronghold, Cragmaw Hideout, a couple of mile north from here, so we tied him up and made him take us there.

At the mouth of the cave we were attached by two more goblins but we easily took them out. As we traveled into the cave we found three large wolves chained but with plenty of reach. We easily overcame the three and moved on.


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