Adventurers Without a Cool Acronym

Wave Echo cave Part 5

Moving further south we checked out the last of the rooms, one contained some skeletons, they were an easy lot to get rid of. One last room to check out and it appeared to be an office of sorts with really nothing of interest left.

We took the dwarf back to Phandalin, on the way he paid his respects to his fallen brother and we reunited him with his other brother back in town. Finally the cave has been found, cleared out for the most part of monsters and the two remaining brothers can bring the cave back up to its former glory, and for our help we will get a 10% cut as well. We all settle down for a well deserved rest.

Wave Echo cave Part 4

Moving further south we ran into a weird orange brown ooze, Alton had an idea to throw some of the flour he has been carrying around with him on it, hoping to thicken the ooze and show it down, it didn’t do anything. Sturma took a whack at it and it split into two separate oozes, we have to find another way to take this thing out. We attached it with arrows, and pointed weapons for poking. Garius tried to set it on fire but that didn’t really do much, it was a little hurt but the fire just fizzled out. With patience we were able to destroy it and keep moving.

Moving further south we checked out another room it was another barracks, it had three more ghouls in it that we took out. Continuing south we reached a large open cave area and we got attached by twelve stirges, six of which attached themselves to Alton, they really seem to like him. He dropped to the ground after they attached him passed out. We were able to take them out and Linu was able to heal Alton enough for us to back track a bit to the barracks to hold up for a rest and to heal.

Wave Echo cave Part 3

We took out the last four zombies, and moved on. We entered a large cave area and Dalamar noticed a lot of magic in the area. We found a large pool of water rising and lowering quickly with the waves crashing in. The sound we heard throughout the whole cave seem to originate from this point, it’s probably were the area gets its name. There were two chambers off to the left, Garius went to investigate, the first room was empty but it lead into the second room. This room has a brazier in the center of it, and when approached a creature appears. It looked like a beholder but ghostly, it said it was here to guard the brazier, but it didn’t speak but we could all hear it in our minds. Instead of answering with the truth Sai decided to think back to the specter that we worked for Black Spider. The creature was upset about that since it has been charged with protecting the brazier and the Black Spider has been a thorn in its side, so it prepared to attach. The team was more than upset at this, because it seemed friendly but now we won’t know, so we prepared for battle.

We took out the beholder, which just vaporized, it was a just a ghostly form of one. This room was clearly were the magical items was created, we could see the scattered remains of broken weapons that are now useless throughout the room. We moved on to another room, it was a barracks of sort, with a locked chest at the foot of one of the broken beds. Alton tried to remove it from the room and a guardian appeared demanding its treasure back, we took out the created and Alton was able to pick the lock and open the chest. It was full of gems and coins, we made out pretty good with this haul. We moved further south and came to a room that appeared to be covered in moss, something didn’t feel right so we backtracked our way north and moved to the west a bit and then back down again, avoiding that moss room. We came across another larger cave, this one has two raised areas on either side and we are standing on one of them. The center of the room is about 10 feet down following some steps, in the center of the room there are broken skeletons and bones throughout. Alton gets an idea and runs down the steps across the room and up the other side. He thought he was safe until he was ambushed by ghouls, by the time we got there to help him, he was surrounded, attached, and he dropped to the ground. We are able to revive him and turned the rest of the ghouls, we decided to take them out one at a time.

Wave Echo cave Part 2

We weren’t taking anything that the Spider was dishing out and we broke into battle. He had four bugbears and a four other large spiders with him. The Spider, cast a spell on Alton and he tried to attach Dalamar. That plan was foiled when Sai broke his concentration with a mystical weapon spell. Dalamar put two of the bugbears to sleep and the rest of us concentrated on taking them down. Sai used a thunder clap which help a little but did alert some more bugbears in the surrounding area that stared to come into the room.

Soon the Spider fell dead and we took care of the bugbear problem, Alton took down the shape-shifter we encountered back at Cragmaw keep. After the battle we found a key around the Spider’s neck that fit a door just off to the left. Inside we found the other Linu other cousin, alive but barely, we held up in the room for a short rest and Linu healed up us and her family member.

We moved on moving West but still following the left wall, we came to a large cavern with a small body of water in the level below and two blocked exits. We back tracked a little and wound up in a barracks with four more bugbears, which we dispatched.

Just past the barracks was a large cavern with dead dwarves all throughout, and a large device that looked like a blast furnace and bellows, and an odd looking green skull just floating there. The dead body’s of the dwarves started to get up and move. Dalamar cast a silence spell on the area around the green skull, it moved out of the way and cast a magic missile spell at which really damaged half of our team, but Linu quickly healed us and the battle moved on. We eventually took down the zombie dwarves and the skull itself, Dalamar picked it up to keep it, as it was no longer glowing and laying on the floor nonresponsive.

Wave Echo cave Part 1

On our way back to Phandalin, we were ambushed by some Orcs, we took them down easily, and finally arrived back at Stonehill Inn. Gundren met us there, he was very excited, he found the entrance to Wave Echo Cave, he was ready to take us there. We gathered our supplies and headed out, he only took us to the entrance of the cave and wished us luck. He was not going in with us, but wanted us to look out for his brothers, and headed back to the Inn. Upon entering a the cave we found a dead dwarf in the back of the natural room, it appears he’s been dead for some time, we make note to return him back to town for a proper burial but we need to move forward.

We made our way north following one wall through the cavern’s making turns right and left so that we can keep track of our progress. We came to a large double door, Sai made his way up and listened for voices. He couldn’t make out what the creatures on the other side were making but was able to hear multiple voices on the other side. We prepared ourselves and burst in, we were greeted by two large bugbears, a group of minions, on the thrown in the back of the room was a dark elf, with a large staff with a spider carving on top. He introduced himself as the Spider and said that he would have to take care of us personally… (to be continued).

We fight our first dragon

With our disguises on we headed to the tower where the dragon was residing. We entered in the small room to the right of the town to an empty room, we got our plan together and Garius headed in to speak to the dragon. He was greeted by a large but young green dragon that demand to know why he was being disturbed. Garius, acting as one of the cultists, told the dragon that they captured some intruders and asked what we should do with them, he said leave them in the back of the room, did they have any treasure on them? Garius said they had no treasure but he would have the prisoners brought in at once, he also tried to ask the dragon of some more of his kind in the south, the dragon dismissed any further inquiry. As the so call prisoners were brought in our group pulled out our weapons to and prepared to attach.

Sai dropped the first attack with a thunderclap and Dalamar shot a fireball off, the dragon took a hit, but returned with a couple of claws and a bite against the team. Back and forth the attacks came, the dragon appeared to be winning, but then Linu cast a spell and our team felt renewed and invigorated and the tables tuned on the dragon. It turned to flee but as it did Arma in a rage got in one last swing and the dragon was dead.

We were able to skin the dragon for its scales, Sai wanted it made into a gauntlet, and Garius wanted a full suit of armor made out of the scales. We went back to the druid and told him we took care of the cultists and the dragon, he was grateful. He told us of a larger group to the south of a dragon cults and a possible uprising of dragons, but he didn’t know more than that. After a nights rest we headed out, since Neverwinter wasn’t too far off, we stopped there with our newly acquired dragon scales and stopped at a local black smith. He said he could create what we asked for but it would take a couple of months to make it, we agreed to stop back to pick them up. We got some supplies and some of us picked up some new armor, and weapons, and then headed back to Phandalin.

Dragon Cultists

We tried to carefully check out the rest of the town, we encountered a few plant like enemies but they were taken care of. We did fine a few zombies in some of the abandoned buildings, they proved to be a little tougher to take care of. We came across the herb shop we were told about and found some the necklace that the woman told us would be there.

As we approached the area the druid pointed out as the cultist hideout, we took cover, one of them seemed to be on patrol, Alton snuck up and killed him and we dragged his body off the road as to not draw any suspicion. Dalamar, case a cone of silence over their hideout so as not to alert the dragon, and we stormed the building. The cultist fell quickly, and we devised a plan to put on their robes and masks to hide ourselves, and since Alton and Linu couldn’t fit in the robe’s we planned to pretend they were our prisoners. We will tie them loosely to pretend they are offerings to the dragon and then we can try to overtake him.

We headed out in our costumes to make are way over to the old barracks, to make sure there is nothing hiding in there. The only thing we found there were more ash zombies, these things are really hard to take down but we eventually did and rested for a while before we go in to take care of the dragon.


We made it back to Phandalin, gathered some supplies, Gundren had not made it back yet so then headed out for Thundertree. The journey there wasn’t too eventful, a few minor detours but we eventually make it. There is a sign along the road just before entering the town warning that this place is unsafe and overrun with monsters, but that didn’t stop us.

The first building we encountered looked inhabited, so we knocked and a druid had answered the door, he seemed mad that we didn’t heed the warning signs but invited us in. He told us of some cultist in the area and that this place is overrun with zombies and plant type monsters. We explained that we were here to help and would see what we could do to take out the zombie’s and cultists. After he allowed us to rest, we headed out to explorer the area.


Gundren need to scout the area to find the Wave Echo Cave, he needed a few days so we decided to clear out the Orc problem that we told the necromancer we would do. We came upon a cave entrance with one Orcs standing guard. From a distance we all took aim and took him out quickly and quietly, so we snuck up and into the cave. Sia using his thunderclap and took out most of the Orcs with just that one spell, we wiped up the rest and found some treasure.

We went to meet with the necromancer, Dalamarspoke to him and told him about the Orcs. Then necromancer thanked him and offered him a spell book, and we were on our way.

Rescued Gundren

We cleared out the rest of the castle moving slowly around to each room, we wound up in the kitchen and took everyone out but the cook. He told us where Gundren the dwarf was being held before he fell as well. We made our way up to the top north east corner of the building. He was being guarded by two bugbears and what appeared to be a dark elf. We were able to take care of everyone but the dark elf escaped.

We tended to Gundren wounds and we headed south, there was one room left we wanted to check out, it was what was left of a library guarded by and owl bear. That was one tough creature but we were able to take him out as well. Dalamar found some books and we also found a small chest with some gem stones and gold. We took headed back to take shelter back in the north east corner before heading home, on the way back Alton noticed another figure that looked just like him running away and into the forest, strange. The creature was took quick and was far gone by the time we were able to make heads or tails of what Alton saw. After a long rest we headed back to Phaladrin.


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