Adventurers Without a Cool Acronym

Wave Echo cave Part 4

Moving further south we ran into a weird orange brown ooze, Alton had an idea to throw some of the flour he has been carrying around with him on it, hoping to thicken the ooze and show it down, it didn’t do anything. Sturma took a whack at it and it split into two separate oozes, we have to find another way to take this thing out. We attached it with arrows, and pointed weapons for poking. Garius tried to set it on fire but that didn’t really do much, it was a little hurt but the fire just fizzled out. With patience we were able to destroy it and keep moving.

Moving further south we checked out another room it was another barracks, it had three more ghouls in it that we took out. Continuing south we reached a large open cave area and we got attached by twelve stirges, six of which attached themselves to Alton, they really seem to like him. He dropped to the ground after they attached him passed out. We were able to take them out and Linu was able to heal Alton enough for us to back track a bit to the barracks to hold up for a rest and to heal.


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